The Revenge of Spider Man

The Revenge of Spider Man

The internet has been chattering about rumors of Anderson Silva throwing the fight and that it was fixed. We found a clip of Anderson Silva keeping his composure up until he reached his hotel room where he briefly broke into tears.  To me the fight looked a little strange to me as well (SHOCKED being an understatement) but after looking at it again, I can see how Anderson could have been trying to bait Weidman into his game plan.  During the first round, Anderson got rocked with some ground and pound that looked a little familiar to his first fight with Chael Sonnen. Then Weidman started implementing his Jiu Jitsu game which may have gotten the Spider a little shook up.

The only fights I’ve seen Anderson struggle remotely close to this was with Travis Lutter and Chael Sonnen in which he came back to beat them both.  Maybe Weidman got Anderson Silva a little spooked and Anderson felt it was time to really try and bait him in to a slug fest.

I think his plan worked in baiting him with more of a stand-up 2nd round, but ended with a Weidman KO victory.  I personally would LOVE to see a rematch and hear that Dana is already trying to set one up (rumors of Dallas Stadium?!?!).  I envision a Spider Silva that looks completely reborn with new vigor in a rematch with Weidman and we get to see a Silva we haven’t seen in a long time.  An ANGRY ANDERSON SILVA IS A SCARY ANDERSON SILVA.  Ask Vitor……

MMA ELITE NATION… LET’S HEAR YOUR THOUGHTS.  Post them below and lets discuss!


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