Korean Zombie Invades Brazil

Korean Zombie Invades Brazil

Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung
After defeating Mark Hominick in just 7 seconds, critics called it luck.  In humility, the Korean Zombie (Chan Sung Jung) actually agreed.  After defeating top contender Dustin Poirier however, he felt he earned a shot at the champion, stating “I think I can call him out now.  I want Jose Aldo.”  Watch 

That was back in May of 2012 (UFC of FUEL TV 3), but because of a shoulder injury and the powers that be, this match was not imminent for Chan Sung Jung.  But through some luck, or rather the misfortunes of Anthony Pettis, the Korean Zombie has earned a title shot against one of the best pound-for-pound fighters on the planet.

So what are Jung’s realistic chances of defeating Aldo?  Vegas has him as a 4 to 1 underdog.  Most casual fans know that Jung has two chances to win, slim and none.  But don’t count the Zombie out.  Jung has had 5 fights under the UFC & WEC banner now, and although he has parted ways recently, he has been training with the Korean Top Team (KTT) since 2008.  He has also worked with Team Alpha Male and Benson Henderson in the past to diversify his training.

For Jung to win he has to avoid the striking game with Aldo.  He doesn’t nearly possess the hand and foot speed of Aldo, and he will get crushed if he tries to brawl.  One area Jung may be able to capitalize on, is in conditioning.  Because Aldo cuts so much weight, his cardio has always been suspect.  Jung may be able to take advantage of this and grind out a win in the latter rounds.

So what about the ground game?  Take Aldo to the ground?  Even though Aldo is a BJJ black belt?  The answer is yes, as  Jung has the best chances there.  He needs to take this fight to the ground and end up in dominant positions, and be cautious of Aldo’s offensive guard.  He needs to take a page out of what Mark Hominick did in the championship rounds against Aldo, and basically out hustle, out work, and impose his will on the current champion.  And don’t forget, Jung is no slouch in the Jiu-Jitsu game either, pulling out UFC’s first ever twister against Leonard Garcia, and a fourth round submission victory against Dustin Poirier.

If the Zombie can pull out this upset victory, he will become the 1st ever UFC champion of full Korean descent.    Past and current lightweight champions BJ Penn and Benson Henderson share some Korean heritage, but BJ Penn has never really embraced it, and most people don’t view Benson Henderson as a Korean or Asian fighter.  Jung’s victory will be monumental to the entire country of Korea, and will transcend the sport of MMA.

So can the Korean Zombie bring Apocalypse to Brazil in UFC 163?  With the right game plan, he definitely can.

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