Geez.. I LOVE MMA!  The sport has grown so much in just the last 5-10 years.  I remember when Fedor was invincible, Tito looked unstoppable and Rampage was doing body slams in Japan.  There were a handful of stars and i recall pride and the UFC always talking about doing super fights but a lot of them came just a little too late.  Now it seems like the new breed of MMA stars are increasing… without the Pride vs UFC separation .. which means… MORE BIG FIGHTS!

In the image above we got Mighty Mouse vs Moraga, Aldo vs Korean Zombie, GLOVER TEIXIRA (CAPS CUZ I’M NOT BIAS.. LOL) vs Bader, Bones vs Gustafsson, Shogun vs Sonnen, Condit vs Kampmann, Cain vs JDS, GSP vs Hendricks, Bendo vs Showtime and SPIDER VS WEIDMAN II!  what the what!??!?! my brain just exploded.

I dunno about you guys but i feel like the next few months are going to be FUN!  I just hope for heathy camps and NO INJURIES PLEASE!!!!!!  Of these fights though the one’s i’m most excited to watch are Cain VS JDS and Spider vs Weidman.  I mean.. i like almost all the others but those are the two that blip on my radar the biggest.  What are your thoughts and what fights do you guys wanna see the most of these?  Thoughts? Opinions?  Let’s hear em!  Comment below…..


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