Mayhem Miller Brings Knife on FOX 11 News Set

Mayhem Miller Brings Knife on FOX 11 News Set


Last night I was on twitter and saw that he was going to be on the set of the FOX 11 news with James Koh talking about a possible comeback. Link to video

Mayhem Miller has been one of the most colorful personalities in MMA over the last decade or so.  He had his own show on MTV called Bully Beatdown which featured MMA stars beating the crap out of these bullies.  I liked that…hahah.  I’ve heard a ton of mixed feelings about Mayhem, and in one of his latest stunts for a movie he was promoting, he created an alter ego called “Lucky Patrick” where he wouldn’t break character while talking to Ariel Halwani.  I honestly thought it was funny and entertaining, but could see how people might think he fell off the deep end and went full crazy.  There was also mention of him getting arrested when found naked in a church after being released by the UFC.  
After the Jake Sheilds brawl he had with the Diaz brothers(below), I for some reason had a heightened interest in all his fights.

So yeah… I think it would be interesting to see him fight again.  I don’t know how competitive he can still be with all the talent now in the UFC and him having such a long layoff, but I still feel that it could be entertaining as a fan of MMA.  I’m sure a ton of people disagree with me, but that’s why we have that discussion box below! hahaha.  Hate Mayhem, love mayhem?  COMMENT BELOW!

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