Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva 2

Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva 2


On July, 6th, 2013, Chris Weidman shocked the MMA world by handing Anderson Silva his first loss in over 6 years. He defeated the Brazilian at the 1:18 mark of the 2nd round. Many people picked Weidman to win this fight; however, it was how he won this fight that possibly makes this the most shocking moment in UFC history.

Silva is widely considered the greatest mixed martial arts fighter of all time, a name he earned by setting UFC records with a 16 fight win streak (Longest in the UFC history) and 10 title defenses (Most in the UFC history). It is undeniable what Silva has done for the UFC and MMA in general; nonetheless, even the greatest athletes are not exempt from the detriment of Father Time. Could this be the end of Silva? Is this the beginning of a new era, a passing of the guard? Many people speculate that Silva was not himself in the fight against Weidman and it was a fluke knockout.

Weidman is a young (29) mixed martial artist known for his incredible wrestling pedigree. Weidman started wresting as a youth and won Nassau County and New York State wrestling championships. He continued to wrestle throughout his high school career and became an All-American wrestler in Freestyle and Greco Roman. Weidman continued his impressive winning ways earning All-American twice at NCC before transferring to Hofstra. He was the first junior college wrestler in history to be a New York State collegiate champion. While at Hofstra, he was a two-time, Division 1 All-American, and placed 3rd his senior year at a NCAA tournament. Weidman, with a friend from college, started training in Jiu-Jitsu after being invited to help some fighters with their wrestling. After 3 months, Weidman won the East Coast Grapplers Quest in his weight class and the Absolute Division winning all 13 of his matches with a submission.

Silva and Weidman are set to face again in a rematch on December 28th, 2013, at UFC 168 leaving many people questioning why is this rematch even happening. After Weidman defeated Silva at UFC 162, Silva seemed relieved in his post-fight interview and stated he did not want to rematch Weidman for the belt. This news of the rematch has many people asking what does Anderson Silva have to prove? Most importantly, what happens if Silva wins? People will say the first fight with Weidman was a fluke and that Weidman never really deserved to be champion in the first place.This would be discrediting to the current champion if Silva wins the rematch. On the other hand, what happens if Silva loses? It would seem as if he would never hold the middle weight belt again and be stuck somewhere in limbo either being a gatekeeper for the middle weight belt or coming up a weight class and fighting much larger competition. Let’s not forget, if Weidman was to finish Silva in such a devastating fashion again, what would be left of Silva? He is 38 years old and many people would consider it dangerous for a person to be knocked unconscious two fights in a row.

Be sure and tune into UFC 168 on December 28th, 2013, when the new breed in Chris Weidman takes on the greatest of all time Anderson Silva for the second time! This fight in a must see for every MMA fan.

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