The First Female Superfight?

The First Female Superfight?



Cristiane (Cyborg) Justino vs. Ronda Rousey

Champion vs. Champion: Imagine the First Female Superfight, the stage has been set for two female champions from two different organizations to meet at a catch weight and decide once and for all who the best female fighter in the world is. This has been a hot topic for a while now as these two women have no love loss for each other. Styles make fights and these fighters have the perfect styles to make this the fight of the year.

Rousey is far from shy as she seems to feed the media a laundry list of insults towards her opponents, even athletes in MMA athletes she is not scheduled to fight, as well as fighters outside the sport itself. This is certainly not an exception for Cyborg whom has requested to fight Rousey multiple times; however, Rousey antagonizes Cyborg stating that if she wants the fight that bad, she needs to cut to 135 lbs. Cyborg and her managers have stated that medically she cannot make 135 lbs. and doctors have advised her to not cut past 140 lbs.

Rousey is widely considered the first lady of MMA. She is the first UFC female bantamweight champion and hosts a record of 7-0 all by first round submission (armbar). She is a former Judoka competitor and a bronze medalist in the Olympics.

Her style is very judo based.  There is very little question to whether she wants this fight and whether she will in due time get this fight. Rousey trains her boxing under Lucia Rijker (undefeated boxer and kickboxer) and often trains her jiu-jitsu with the Diaz brothers at Cesar Gracie jiu-jitsu. She is referred to as a one trick pony by many; however, her skillset allows her to land thearmbar against opponents even when they know it’s coming.

Cyborg is another female mixed martial artist who is no stranger to controversy. Her questionable physique was brought to attention after she tested positive for the steroid, Stanozolol. She was stripped of her Strikeforce belt after the evidence surfaced after the 4th defense and also suspended from the sport for a year as well. Cyborg still fights with her Chute Boxe Academy. They are known for being extremely aggressive in training and during their fights. She has great Muay Thai under the tutelage Rafael Cordeiro and won gold in the IBJJF World Jiu-Jitsu Championship two years in a row. She just may be the first woman able to prevent takedowns and avoid the armbar by Rousey.

At this time, we can only speculate on how this match would end up at either weight class. Both fighters are incredibly dominant in this sport. They pose a huge threat to each other and this fight would be built as the ultimate grappling female vs. the ultimate striking female. There doesn’t seem to be a better time than now to market this fight. The fans and media alike want to see this fight and the stocks of these fighters are at an all-time high. Only time will tell if we see this “first female super fight”.

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