Bisping's KO Rumor Not Likely

Bisping's KO Rumor Not Likely

Michael “The Count” Bisping has been in the MMA news lately, with rumors surfacing to claim he was knocked out while sparring at the Wild Card gym in Hollywood. The Wild Card gym is synonymous with the legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach of course. Bisping responded on Twitter to dispute the claim, including a video response.



Middle Easy originally reported the story from a section called Sunday Morning Rumor Mill, which they have now taken down. Their rebuttal to Bisping’s response? They’re starting to make fun of Bisping’s floral shirt he wore in the video. I mean really? Some of the Fans from Sherdog are already questioning the credibility of the site, with such comments as:

“Middle Easy is a terrible site. The only reason they are so popular is because they get inside scoops on fighters like Diaz and Ronda because middle easy is just a bunch of groupies lol.”

“Middle easy has this section on their website called the “rumor mill” where basically they can make up any story and get some fans to believe it.”

Reports are coming out that UFC fighter Tim Kennedy is the one to have started the rumor. One fan even brings up the question, “Any chance we are simply seeing a Bisping / Kennedy fabricated story to setup a fight?

Whatever the case may be, I feel for Michael Bisping because if he stays quiet about the situation people will assume it’s true. But if he adamantly denies such rumor, people think he’s being too defensive. At the end of the day, Bisping is still a top 5 UFC middle-weight, and I look forward to seeing him kicking arse in the octagon.

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