Dizz Rants; Who's not paying their fighters?

Dizz Rants; Who's not paying their fighters?


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It seems recently that some weepy eyed nostalgics have put the UFC under fire over fighter pay issues.  There are constant complaints on how much money UFC President Dana White and company are making, and not paying the fighters.  However, in order to build a brand, you have to put money back into the business for it to expand.  Everyone’s so aware of UFC’s numbers, but what about Viacom?  Well, since Viacom MMA wants to legitimize themselves as competition, here’s some numbers that you’d find interesting in regards to Viacom.

Viacom’s Salaries in the last Fiscal Year of 2012:
CEO, Phillippe Dauman: $33.45M;
COO, Tom Dooley $26.3M;
Chairman Sumner Redstone: $20.4M.

Viacom’s Chairman, Sumner Redstone is also Chairman to CBS and hold controlling interest there. Viacom splits his travel pay with CBS. If Dauman is banking $33.45M/yr and writing himself $60M (according to UFC President Dana White in a post fight media scrum) in bonus pay last year. I’d like to know how much Dooley and Redstone get in bonuses. If you take Viacom’s salaries + bonuses paid out to Dauman, Dooley, and Redstone, that’s more than of their annual network profits.

According to Indeed.com (http://www.indeed.com/salary/Viacom.html), the average salary at Viacom is $92K and they have some 10,500+ employees. Using avg salary + guess-timate # of employees, Viacom’s round about pay roll is $966M + Dauman/Dooley/Redstone’s Salary + Bonus = $3 billion?  That’s to the employees…..not the fighters.

Viacom’s chairman Sumner Redstone’s networth (as of 2012 reports) is $4.1B…which is more than what Viacom profit in 2012’s fiscal year. Just punching in Viacom’s numbers, think about it. Bellator has the #1 125 WMMA’ist on the planet and she doesn’t make $10k/fight.  That’s just one example.

People talk shit about UFC pay. UFC was supported by the Fertitta’s casino’s for many years before it was able to stand on its own. At one point, they were even $40 million+ in the hole.  UFC alone doesn’t have the networth Viacom does. But Viacom’s issue with shitty pay is because it’s so spread out with other shows. Bar Rescue, Cops, Ink Master, Bellator, Impact, Auction Hunters, Blue Mountain State, Fight Master, Tattoo Rescue, and that’s just on Spike. That’s not including what they have running on MTV Networks.  With the money being so spread out, Bellator fighters who get paid the best are the ones who take the “Company Tag” with it.  All the rest of the fighters have to work regular blue/white collar jobs or find other ways to make ends meet.

If you look at the salaries that are paid out in the UFC, who has a solid performance based pay scale, it works for those whose name is being spoken about the day after each event. It’s all up to each individual and the sacrifices they make.

Now tell me, who’s  not paying their fighters.


*All numbers posted are courtesy of Hollywood Reporter, NY Post, and Indeed.com*

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