Tito Ortiz vs. Rampage Jackson

Tito Ortiz vs. Rampage Jackson


It’s so hard for professional athlete’s to walk away from the sport they love. Some walk away due to injuries or simply because their prime is over, but whatever the case may be, there are good times to walk away but athletes often have a hard time swallowing the idea that it is time to move on.

Tito Ortiz retired July 7, 2012, after losing three bouts in a row. His last bout was a UD loss to Forrest Griffin completing their trilogy. Ortiz is also no stranger to injuries; his whole career has been plagued with injuries from double ACL replacement to multiple neck surgeries leaving many fans withdrawn with the idea of the return of The Huntington Beach Bad Boy.

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson leaves the UFC as a free agent after going 0-3. Rampage seems to be a shell of the former competitor he used to be. Rampage has yet to put together a notable win streak since 2007. Many people speculate he will be a big fish in a small pond is his new organization.

One thing we can do is speculate how the fight will play out when these two meet.

Ortiz will look to utilize his wrestling; it was the essential bread and butter of Ortiz’s career. Ortiz will look to take a wide stance, push forward, and get his opponent to engage. When his opponent over commits, Ortiz will look to shoot for the double leg and put his adversary on his back. From there, Ortiz will look to ground and pound his challenger from his guard and use pressure to keep his opponent pinned to the mat absorbing punishment until the referee calls a stop to the bout.

Rampage will look to box; he will stay in an orthodox boxing stance and be aware of the takedown from his foe. Rampage will look to keep the distance with the jab and look to set up the straight right and powerful hooks. He will want to own the center of the octagon and stay off the cage. If the adversary gets Rampage to the mat, he will look to stand up immediately. If he’s on the cage, he will wall walk. Once on the feet, Rampage will look to separate and look for the KO/TKO victory.

Can these two one-time block buster athletes still headline a PPV card?Ortiz and Jackson are riding a combined record of 0-6 which doesn’t build too much excitement for this bout. The scheduled fight leaves the fans wondering what’s next for the victor and loser. Where do they go from here?

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