Dizz Rants: Eddie Alvarez, Jessica Eye, Felice Herrig, WSOF

Dizz Rants: Eddie Alvarez, Jessica Eye, Felice Herrig, WSOF

The long suspenseful wait of former Bellator Lightweight Champion Eddie Alvarez (24-3 MMA BFC 9-1) being stuck in MMA promotional purgatory has finally come to a temporary conclusion.   I spoke to Alvarez on the phone last week about a topic unrelated to contractual territories.  However, with him being stuck in limbo, I had to ask him a simple question so I can gauge his response.

Dizz: “So, brother, how’s everything going with the thing?  I know you can’t afford to sit out another year.”
Eddie: “Yeah, well. I’ve made a decision. I can’t really say right now. You’ll know in about a week.”
Dizz: “Come on, Eddie. You know I already know.”
Eddie: “Haha, yeeeah. I know you know. I can’t not fight, ya know?”

After the conversation, I felt like someone told me a relative had died. When I heard the news finalized today, I felt like I was on my way to the funeral. I know. That’s a bit extreme.  However, from viewing all the disdain from the fans on the situation over the course of the year, I feel their pain.

Alvarez officially has re-up’d with Bellator with details that would be difficult for even the CIA to tap into.  Alvarez is expected to compete for the Bellator Lightweight Champion Michael Chandler on the heavily criticized pay per view card on Nov. 2. One of the terms of the agreements accord to a source close to Alvarez was that if he loses the bout to Chandler, he’s allowed leave Bellator free and clear.  Yeah. We’ve heard that before.  The flip side of that deal is if Alvarez wins, he’s obligated to put up the title in a rubber match.

Even though it is Bellator, I’m stuck backing Eddie up in this.  I support him the same way I support my good friend Mo Lawal.  I feel both of those athletes are above the promotion, but it’s their career. Not mine.

Bellator Officially Releases Top WMMA Flyweight Jessica Eye

I was absolutely pleased to have been one of the few who knew the day of that WMMA top ranked flyweight Jessica Eye (10-1) was released from Bellator Fighting Championship.  After starting off 3-1 in her career, she’s been on a 7-0 tear including a round 1 submission victory over former Bellator women’s champion Zoila Gurgel.  At this time, the general MMA fan has no clue where exactly Eye is going to sign, whether it be the UFC’s bantamweight division or if she’ll sign with the Invicta Fighting Championship’s Flyweight division. “I’m just glad to be able to move on.” Eye told me today.  Either way, whatever she decides to do, you can bank that she’s going to bring some thunder.  Although, something tells me she’s not leaning toward Invicta, but a top promotion with 3 letters.

Invicta Fighting Championship Inks Strawweight Felice Herrig

Felice Herrig (9-4) signed a multi-fight deal with Invicta Fighting Championship.   Herrig is a top 10 strawweight and I must say, this is certainly where she belongs.   Herrig brings a presence that can’t be ignored.   She’s just as sassiness and spunk outside the cage and twitter, certainly translates to her prowess inside the cage.  Having won 6 of her last 7 bouts, her aggressive style of fighting fits the bill for Invicta’s SW division.  Although Herrig has only finished 3 of her 9 victories, she’s also never been finished in any of her 4 losses.  Keep your eye on her.  If things go the way I have visioned, we could possibly see a rematch showdown against Invicta Strawweight Champion Carla Esparza….who is now her “bestie.”

WSOF 4 Viewership Numbers Show Improvement On NBC Sports Net

Even with mistakes made by commentary, refs, and cage announcers, WSOF fighters showed why their promotion was selected by NBC Sports Net.   Last Saturday’s event reeled in a peak of 448,000 viewers for WSOF 4 which boasted a Main Event of former kickboxing champion Tyron Spong vs. Angel DeAnda.  WSOF 5 will take place September 14th in Atlantic City, NJ and will host Andrei Arlovski vs. Mike Kyle in heavyweight action.

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