Lyoto Machida vs Nick Diaz?

Lyoto Machida vs Nick Diaz?

Machida vs. Diaz… Who Knows What Could Happen…


Recently there have been talks of a fight between Lyoto Machida and Nick Diaz fighting in a Middleweight bout. Obviously neither fighter is currently in the Middleweight division, but Lyoto has been talking about dropping down in weight and Nick Diaz is currently retired.

Vitor Belfort says he won’t fight in the Middleweight division unless it is for the title, so Lyoto will not be fighting against him anytime soon and Nick Diaz says he won’t fight again in the UFC unless he gets a rematch with GSP. But think of the fight that could ensue if Machida gets put in the octagon with Diaz.

Machida is known to lure in his opponents before releasing his hands and legs with devastating counters. Diaz is known to push the pace and not back down from anyone. Sounds like the potential for an incredibly entertaining fight. Both men are coming off loses and both have one goal in mind, get that UFC gold.

Who do you guys think would win in this fight if it were set to take place?

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