Dizz's Movie Fight Scene of the Week

Dizz's Movie Fight Scene of the Week

Hey fight fans and movie guru’s.  Dizz here.  I’m bringing you my pick for Movie Fight Scene of the Week.

To kick things off, I’m going with 50 year old Chinese actor Liu Lianjie.  You know him as Chinese actor and Singaporean citizen, Jet Li.  Jet Li has many movies showing off his talents in the art of Wushu, but for this week, I’m choosing the end of the movie fight scene from his 2001 movie “Kiss of the Dragon.”

Wushu is a sport in the country of China.  This particular martial art, like others, has two different types of disciplines.  Taolu is the studies and focuses on the forms and techniques of Wushu.  Stances, throws, sweeps, punches, kicks, jumps and so on are practiced.  They also practice aerial movements to combine with punches and kicks.  You’ve seen the movies where a combatant will perform a 540, 720, or even a 900 degree spin to kick?  You can probably guess it may have been practiced in a Wushu dojo.

Sanda is the other discipline of Wushu which concentrates on the sparring aspect of the martial art.  Chinese boxing, grappling forms such as Chin Na, and a Chinese form of wrestling known as Shuai Jiao are encouraged to compete in Wushu tournaments.

In this fight scene, Jet Li mixes it up with a set of twins.  Not what you’re thinking.  The small fry and super size fry of twins Cyril Raffaelli and Didier Azoula.  Raffaelli, the smaller twin, is a french martial arts and stunt man.  Much like Jet Li, he also is disciplined in Wushu and as an additive, he also is a black belt in Shotokan Karate.  Since his acting career, Raffaelli has also been behind the fight choreography and stunt coordination in movies such as “The Incredible Hulk“, “Hitman“, “Transporter 2“, and “Tekken“.

The 6’6 twin, Didier Azoulay, hasn’t done as much acting since “Kiss of the Dragon“, however he’s been known to frequent the dojo of Franck Ropers. Ropers teaches Pentjak Silat courses, Self-Defense, soft and hard Chi Kung.

Fight Scene 1: Li is busted walking into a Savate dojo, a french kickboxing discipline, in the core of the Paris Police Station.  Seemingly screwed, Li combats dozens of men armed with savate weaponry or wooden clubs known as “La canne”.

Fight Scene 2: Li makes it to the upper level to face off against the said twins I’ve mentioned in the information I provided above.

Due to the author disabling the embedding of this video, I have provided the link for you to watch.  Enjoy!! Both scenes are fantastic!!




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