Alexander Gustafsson get robbed? UFC 165

Alexander Gustafsson get robbed? UFC 165


Wow… when i heard one judge had it 49-46 for unanimous and STILL UFC LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION… i have to say i was a little shocked.  One because some blind judge had the fight 49-46 but that Jon Jones won the fight via unanimous decision.  I can’t lie… this isn’t the first time i’ve felt like this and i kept hearing over and over from Joe Rogan that this was a close fight but Alexander was busting the champ up for the first 3 rounds.  I’ve never seen Jon Jones frazzled like that before or punched like that EVER.  Couple random thoughts…

I thought Alexander’s footwork looked good against the champ.  I agreed when Big country tweeted:

Roy “Big Country” Nelson – I am impressed with @alexthemauler footwork, he is making @jonnybones work tonight
Bisping took the words right out of my mouth when he tweeted this after the fight:

Official Michael Bisping – I’m sorry but that’s bullshit.

and agreed when our Swedish MMA Elite author and fighter Marcus Kowal wrote this:

@MarcusKowal – 49-46? That’s about as good judging as @MannyPacquiao vs Bradley. Congratulations to @JonnyBones, however, for showing his skills and heart. #UFC #UFC165 #MMA @MMAELITEBRAND

I just texed Marcus to get a video reaction from this fight and would love to hear his thoughts coming from a hometown perspective.  I hope it’s angry.. hahahah.

Great fight regardless and great card.  That Renan Barao kick didn’t look as brutal in the replay as it did live but it was still a nice finish.  Can’t wait to see him fight Dominick Cruz one day.  I must say… i’m really looking forward to Glover vs Bones though.  I think glover takes it.  i’m not bias at all. HAHAH.



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