The End Of The Heavyweight Division’s Newest Trilogy

The End Of The Heavyweight Division’s Newest Trilogy


Saturday night, October 19, 2013, Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos will close the chapter on the UFC heavyweight division’s newest Trilogy at UFC 166.

Here’s a little history between the two: the two men first squared off at UFC on FOX 1. The contest ended at 1:04 of the very first round due to an over hand right delivered right behind the left ear of Velasquez. Velasquez dropped to the mat where Dos Santos put in a few extra shots before the referee Big John McCarthy could call an end to the bout. The second time these big men met was at UFC 155 Dos Santos vs. Velasquez 2 and this fight had a very different outcome. Velasquez came out of the gate swinging and rocked Dos Santos. Velasquez bullied Dos Santos against the cage almost the entire night, crushing blows to the head of Dos Santos and takedowns almost at will. Velasquez put in the performance of a lifetime against Dos Santos and by the time the bout was over, Dos Santos was almost unrecognizable.

Since then, the two have each had another bout where each man was the victor. Velasquez faced another man he has beaten inside the octagon before, Antonio Bigfoot Silva. Bigfoot lasted a meer 1:21 inside the octagon against Velasquez before he forced referee Mario Yamasaki to call an end to the bout via TKO. Again in this performance, Velasquez continued to look better than ever and seems to have kept the hunger he had before becoming the champ. Dos Santos, in his bout, faced the man with the iron chin, Mark Hunt. Dos Santos blasted Hunt for over three rounds with all he had while managing to avoid any real power shots from the heavy hitter, Hunt.  Then out of nowhere, Dos Santos lands a wheel kick to the head of Hunt and that was all she wrote. Hunt fell to the ground and Dos Santos pounced until referee Steve Mazzagatti jumped in and called a stop to the bout at 4:18 of the third round. The two warriors have each gained experience in one fight since last meeting each seeming to add new weapons to their wheelhouse since last meeting.

The main criticism towards Velasquez is he does not produce the punch power to finish Dos Santos. He very well may have mangled his face and made Dos Santos almost unrecognizable; however, he was unable to finish Dos Santos. Velasquez does have one outstanding quality and that’s his cardio. Velasquez seems to have the gas tank of a 155’r and we will look to see him drag this fight into the later rounds. Velasquez will put on a pace in the first :60 of the fight and continue that pace until they call a stop to this bout or the 25:00 timeframe is up that’s not even including Velasquez’s superior wrestling ability over Dos Santos. Dos Santos has been known to fade in later rounds and that has spectators worried for him going to into this fight against a cardio machine; however, Dos Santos possess knockout power with one blow from either his hands or feet so as long as the fight stays on its feet, the longer Dos Santos seems to have the advantage. As we have seen in the second bout, Dos Santos was taken down almost at will; however, he seemed to be able to stand up and continue the fight on his feet.

How will this fight take place? We will find out on October 19, 2013, at UFC 166!

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