Will Fans Benefit from Daniel Cormier's Move to 205?

Will Fans Benefit from Daniel Cormier's Move to 205?

Looks like the Heavyweight Division found its Jon Fitch. Clinch, smother, pop…clinch, smother, pop…clinch, smother, pop…and wait until Bruce Buffer announces the unanimous decision.

The only bright spot in Cormier’s recent win was the genuine disappointment he expressed regarding his performance; it’s nice to see a fighter be honest when their potential isn’t met. That being said, I’m starting to wonder if the perception surrounding Cormier’s ceiling is anything other than hype. Don’t get me wrong, DC is a spectacular fighter capable of stunting anyone’s game; I just wonder if this style is the best we can hope for now that Cormier has entered the shark infested waters of the UFC.

Cormier’s career rocketed into orbit with six straight stoppages, but since then, he’s pocketed just two—a brilliant knockout of Bigfoot Silva and a TKO victory over somebody named Dion Staring. Anemic performances against Frank Mir and Roy Nelson have slowed the Cormier Hype Train, but a drop down to Light Heavyweight will provide more than enough intrigue to keep the cars in motion. I suspect Cormier’s current style is a byproduct of fighting opponents much larger than himself. Hopefully an inspired run at 205 will produce the type of excitement that Cormier knows—and fans hope—he’s capable of.

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