Tennessee Amateur Fighter Murdered While Leaving Home

Tennessee Amateur Fighter Murdered While Leaving Home

Early Saturday morning it was brought to my attention that amateur mixed martial artist Wesley Conway had been shot and killed leaving his home to go hunting.  Details of the incident is unclear, but I was able to confirm with Decatur County Sheriff’s Department that it has indeed been ruled a homicide.

“He had a heart of gold. He was very loving and very caring,” said Conway’s sister Brandy Conway.  “I have a little boy and he’s three.  His father works out of town a lot. So, Wesley would step in and basically do fatherly duties for his nephew.”  Ms. Conway went on to tell me many other things that Wesley did as a brother and uncle.  Seemingly, he and the family were close and had a very tight relationship.

The Sheriff’s Department hasn’t made any arrests so far in the case.  “They have a person of interest.  They’re not really telling us too much at the moment.” said Conway’s sister, Brandy.

Conway’s sister, Brandy, said that his record was roughly 53-11 in his amateur career.  His coach, Anthony Maness of Strike Team located in Lexington, Tennessee, said when took on Conway he had nothing but backyard as a background.  “He went to an event in Biloxi, Mississippi, for his first amateur bout.  He had agreed to fight Caleb Esch, son of Butterbean.  Wesley dominated the first round. He dominated the second round.  He just ran out of gas and Esch beat him in the 3rd.  He was no more prepared than anyone else in the crowd.  But, that told me how special of a person this kid was.”

Funny moment as Conway asked Maness at MMA promotion put on by Butterbean, “When can I have a cool name, like Butterbean?” Maness answered in laughter, “Hahahaaa, we’ll just call you ‘Sweetcorn’. Wesley ‘Sweetcorn’ Conway!! Hahahaa!!”  Conway was also Strikeout Promotions Middleweight Champion.

Maness went on, “He was one of the most beloved characters the state of Tennessee has ever known.  They’re having a benefit MMA event  in Lexington, TN, December 14, 2013.  The fighters have all agreed to deny per diem and hotel, and then also Stand Fighter is underway of constructing a T-shirt in his memory for the event.”  Maness also is the Tennessee State Director of the International Sport Karate Association.

Conway was a soon to be father and eager to start a family with his girlfriend.  In which we already knew to this point that he would be a good father per say the testimony of his sister Brandy as he is an uncle.  He seemed to have a lot of love in his life which also translated to his career as an amateur fighter.   Ask yourself, who goes 53-11 in an amateur career and never has an interest in turning pro?  I’d say someone who has a pure love for the sport.

More on this story as it develops…

(Picture: Wesley Conway) 



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