Drawing A Winner

Drawing A Winner

Drawing A Winner2
Draws are typically anticlimactic affairs where nobody wins, and in most cases, everyone loses. I use the term “typically” because there are always exceptions to the rule, and Friday night in Australia, two men strove to be exceptional.

After two rounds of muted action, Mark Hunt and Bigfoot Silva tacitly agreed to remove their mufflers. The next fifteen minutes featured a battle of willpower and consciousness that teetered with the balance of an inebriated drunk. It wasn’t pretty, but it was quite spectacular.

Following the final bell, Bruce Buffer stood between the freshly bludgeoned warriors to announce a draw. This marked a rare occasion where a lack of victory produced several victors.

Hunt and Silva crossed paths at the perfect point in each other’s career; neither is likely to hoist UFC gold, but both can solidify their spot in MMA history by elevating one another beyond their previous peaks.

Dancing alone may look silly, but with the right partner, you can orchestrate a visual symphony. Thankfully for fans, it seems likely these hulking juggernauts will tango at least two more times before hanging it up. For a pair of fighters on the downside of their prime, a crowd-pleasing trilogy is as good as it gets.

Friday night’s main event may have ended in a draw, but the fighters, the fans, and the UFC most certainly came away with a win.

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